26 January, 2011

miss midas

i stitched this one up last night. i so loved the first "stay gold" piece that it did. and i was happy and sad at the same time to have had it sold off the wall at THIS. and then i thought to do it in metallic gold stitches. yes. i think i'm gonna have to put in another request for a custom-built whiskey and chocolate frame for this one, too.
(my beloved golden apc ballet flats are looking a little worse for the wear. booo! anyone have any suggestions on how to clean them?)


She Can't Decide said...

I love the gold thread! very luxe!

as for you beloved shoes...magic eraser??

Skylark Studio said...

want. yeeeeees.

just watched the other S.E.Hinton movie last night, Rumble Fish. pretty much Sodapop and Ponyboy part 2. but in an arty weird Francis Ford Coppolla kinda way. and Nick Cage with bouffant hair!

look at me rambling in your comments. I just love this stitching. xoxo