10 March, 2007

blooms that nearly made my fingers bleed

here's the project of the morning.
i had actually knitted, felted, and constructed the bag quite a long time ago (well over a year ago, i think) and although i really liked the scalloped edges of the closure, i just didnt think that it was finished. and then came this month's issue of martha. there's a feature in there on ribbon embroidery - perfect - i had never tried it before and it looked like just the right thing to finish the bag. i like the way it looks, but getting the needle and heavy ribbon through the thick felt was not so easy. i snapped one needle in half and hurt my little fingers working on this sucker.

i don't know what i am going to do with the bag yet -- it isn't really my style, so i don't think i will end up getting much use out of it. i might put it on etsy. i might see if treehouse or some other store will take it. let me know if you know of anyone who might like to buy it.

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