08 February, 2007

dream refrigerator

the funny (sad? pathetic? cool?) thing is that i really didnt have to move too many things around in our refrigerator to take this shot. seriously, i only moved three things to the top shelf, which is out of the frame of the picture. oh, to be poor.
but, we sure have lots of cupcakes!!! i baked these up to take over to to TREEHOUSE for a little cocktails and snacks party that rebecca and seri hosted at the store. unfortunately (or fortunately?) i still have a lot of cupcakes here that i just couldnt take over. come over and help me eat them!! (they're all home-made! real buttercream! tons of fat! yeah!)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

send some of those cupcakes this way!!! i know a fat lady who would love some.
oh yumm.. will have pink fluffy dreams tonight.