11 November, 2010

a whole lotta hanky panky

another project that's been in the works for quite a while and now it's finally off in the mail:

i couldnt work it out to get all - or even half or even close to it - of them in the photo - but there were 43 hand-embroidered hankies in all.

they were done for a wedding shower; each guest (and the bride) will receive a hankie with her name on it, embroidered in the same blue as the bridemaids' dresses.

sandy, my client, found me through etsy (via my boyfriend hankie kits) and she was SUCH a gem to work with. our correspondence and collaboration - from sourcing the hankies and getting them to me, to sending me info for the names and the color, to selecting font and placement, and then getting these back in the mail to her - it's all been so pleasant. i do love etsy for that -- the way most of the people who choose to do business there are doing so because they're looking for more of a personal connection than most current shopping set-ups. hooray, etsy!


olisa said...

These are really lovely!

SmileySunday Studio said...


chezkimberly said...

thank you both! they arrived at my client's home this weekend and she was really happy with them - phew! that makes me feel great.