03 November, 2010

waiting to be framed

the piece on the left was inspired by my recent cross country trip, where i even drove through or past the hometown of mister woody guthrie (in okemah oklahoma). i was so excited when i thought of the idea that i was nearly crying. (but then, this happens to me a lot.) i played with a lot of different fonts and styles an ultimately, settled on this one... i like how it looks very print-inspired. (i dont like how it took days longer than making a print would have...) the font has a westernish, old-timey print look to it, i think; like work that came out of hatch show print, in nashville, which i didnt get to visit on this trip, as they were closed at 8am on sunday, when we were there. i've been before though and certainly recommend a visit if you find yourself in the area -- very inspiring.
then the red one is a little play with new borders, and the dylan quote is one i've been meaning to stitch up for ages (thanks to karen for the encouragement on that one).


Leila said...

That looks like a really neat museum. I've never been to Nashville. It's a place I really should go.

I have, however, been to Okemah. Did I ever tell you that I'm from Oklahoma? Funny to see it mentioned on your blog!

Skylark Studio said...

dude. yes. yes!

and I just framed up my own hatch print! will post pics soon maybe ... hope you are well (you are missed!) xoxoxo