01 November, 2010

halloween as the bat queen

skull muffins/misfits cakes were made:

i used this recipe; (it was PERFECT) and then after they were baked injected them with pumpkin cream cheese filling! SUper good.

mini pumpkin was carved:

and bat queen costume was successfully put together:

it was inspired by this image, which was thoughtfully sent to me by someone who knows my love of bats:

i cut a bunch of bat shapes out of felt, sewed floral wire into the tops of the wings, and basted them all over my $30 rodarte for target dress.

then i made myself a set of wings, put some bats in my hair and happily flew to the LACMA muse costume ball with great friends charles and hana. such a good halloween!

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Leila said...

That's all so completely fantastic, I don't even know where to begin! How about just Happy Halloween?!?