17 November, 2009

it's beginning to look a bit like xmas

just a wee bit.
last week i made up some ornaments:

i listed them in my shop with the option of having the year embroidered on there or not. i understand that some people like dated things, and others definitely do not. i know that in my family, my sister and i were given two gifts to open on christmas eve; one was a nightgown or pyjamas (we got matching pjs so that we looked all cute and match-y in the photos the next morning.) and the other was an ornament to hang on the tree. i really appreciate the ones that have the year on them. i think it's fun to have and see that little history each year.

and then there were these ones:

i printed them with stamps that i carved of the various bird shapes. i had hoped to have done more with these stamps, but that hasn't happened yet. i hope i can make those ideas happen in the next month.
here's what i am REALLY looking forward to this week. this thursday, besides it being the arrival date of this year's beaujolais nouveau, i've got a date with my z-town gals in the afternoon to do some entirely non chez-sucre-chez holiday crafting. hooray! we're gonna get together and eat some snacks and pore over the holiday crafts in this months (and those of last year, and the year before that and...) issue of martha. fun!

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