04 November, 2009

more buddies

last week was one for stuffing things. i stuffed the birds for ornaments and i made and stuffed a bunch more tooth buddies.
here's the newest line-up:

my favourite thing about this batch is the color scheme going on with their eyes and mouths. b got me a big jar of buttons and in it were lots of these matching greenish-blue buttons. i liked how there were lots of buttons in there that were this same color, but the pairs were of varying sizes and shapes.
these gems were also in there:

ooooh, i love those colors together:

anyways -- yep. so there's a new batch of tooth buddies.
here are some of my favourites:


this guy, with the crooked little smile who doesnt yet have a name:

and this guy - whose face i love:

he doesnt have a name yet either. (if you've any suggestions, please do leave them in the comments!)

look at how much fun they seem to be having all hanging out together. they look like they're playing "ha'" (remember that episode from the brady bunch?)

i think that these little guys are gonna be in a magazine this coming month, but i'm not positive... we'll see. just in case, i'll be restocking the shop.


keyka said...

Your tooth buddies are adorable!

deluxa said...

so cute little toofs! how about bertram for one of the names?

chezkimberly said...

i LOVE it! bertram - yes! that works! thanks, deluxa, and thanks, keyka!