27 November, 2009


new zippy pouches:

i'm so into these dutch-y prints that i am able to find at the vintage markets around here from time to time. i've always got my eye out my first love folk-y print (this one, remember? oooooh...) and then a few weeks ago i scooped up these two new prints.
i love the colors of this one:

i've made up a few, and put one on etsy.
the colors on this one arent my first choice, but i really like the print - a lot:

so far i've only got one of these sewn up, so i'm not listing it quite yet.
in fact, i may not get to listing it...
i just had a mini panic attack this evening when i realized that i seem to have lost an entire week somewhere. coming up so soon --- the nyc bust craftacular - december 6th (that's NEXT sunday -- not two weeks away, as i somehow was thinking!) trunk show in my hometown of t-nacle, NJ on december 7th, the divine studios art and craft sale in manhattan on december 13th. AND, i'm madly stitching up the final pieces to go into a show at new shop hello bluebird in west reading PA next week. (i'll post more details on that as soon as i get these pieces finished!) oh, and i'm to be shooting new videos for howcast this coming week, too. remember, also, that i've got lots of chez-sucre-chez pieces on display at the renegade handmade shop this month. see this post for more details. phwew! am i going to be able to pull this all together? eeks! i hope so!

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alex/hello bluebird said...

Kimberly--you are awesome! Reading this list of things you have to do makes ME tired, and you are pulling it off with grace, style (always!), AND somehow continuing to make great new things! I'm excited to feature your work at the shop--thank you for including us in your "to do" list!!