31 July, 2009

zippy pouch love

i need to take a moment to express my love for my chez-sucre-chez zippy pouches.

oh zippy pouches, i love you.
they've served me well. look at how beat up and loved and used and abused they are! aside from the dirt, though, they've stood up exceedingly well, i think! believe me, i am not gentle with things like this. these zippy pouches have been tossed around from one tote to the next, lain on sticky dirty bar counters, been stashed behind booths and benches of dirty dance halls, thrown on the ground, spilled upon, etc. etc. etc. neither has ever fallen into a toilet though, thank goodness.

now here's your chance to get your own chez-sucre-chez zippy pouch. i finally got around to making the pouches out of that great fabric that i scored last month. it all worked out swimmingly. the fabric was pretty much already cut (it was cut into large quilt squares) and i happened to find just enough matching zippers to make up a uniform batch of these. amazing.

i know it's a bit like tooting my own horn, but really, you need one of these. i've got friends who bought them (or who got them from me as i-love-you-friend gifts) last year when i made the first batch and it makes me smile to see them still so happily using their pouches. (heidi and dana, i'm talking about you!) really it's not my doing so much as it is the beautiful fabric. i just gave it a purpose.

this photo makes the pouch look like the orange print one -- but it's not -- it's red print on an off-white background. i've only got a small quantity of these (eight i think, and some are already spoken for) so click on over here and get yours today.

also -- i've got this one made up and listed and ready to go.
it was my friend sara who inspired this one. she knew i had this fabric and she requested a pouch made from it. so, i hooked her up. since i rarely make just one of anything, however, i've got an extra. so i listed it in my shop. it's here if you want the details.

isnt that a fun fabric? i found it at my local mennonite-run dry goods store and couldnt pass it up. my friend molly, who was with me that day, convinced me to buy the rest of the bolt. so maybe i'll make more. or maybe it will sit in my fabric collection for a while.

i think that maybe there's a story behind that fabric -- someone said it had some local significance... anyone know the story?


Rachel said...

I can't wait for my zippy pouch to arrive! Now I am loving the blue zippy pouch too! Do I really need two zippy pouches? Can you really have too many??


Clothesline said...

yes, yes. i have a set made out of this fabric... story goes that it is a reprint from the 50's or 60's illustrating the allentown orchestra. made for the allentown art museum, i think it may be the winner of a contest from way back when. okay - i don't have the details, but it does have to do with the allentown art museum. and i LOVE it!