06 July, 2009

pleasure, little treasure

the town where i live hosts a yearly fair that's kind of a big deal; it's called the folk festival and people come from far and wide to see the pennsylvania dutch-y wonderfulness. in search of inspiration for an upcoming project (okay, yes, and dutch fries, and root beer floats, and kettle corn) the z-town gals hit the fair one night last week. as we were peeping the textiles of one of the antiques vendors, jen spotted this in a bin of quilt squares:

aaah, freak out! it's "my" fabric! (we call it my fabric because i am constantly on the search for more of it.) i thank jen a million times for spying this -- i wasnt thinking to look in a bin of cut-up quilt squares. while i kinda hate that it is already cut up, i also kinda love it -- this makes it easier for me to turn it into product, rather than hoarding it. so, as soon as i can find enough just-right zippers, i'll be making more of those delightful folk-print zippy pouches. oh yes.

and, that same day that we went over to the local fair, sweet karen gave me this little birthday present that she made:

it's so cute! framed in a coin frame thing -- so crafty, k! i love it and the way it goes with the wooly sheep i brought back from scotland many years ago.


Rachel said...

craft fairs sounds so fun and exciting... it was nice to hear you had fun

She Can't Decide said...

oh its so interesting to hear someone on the internet talk about the k-town fair! [I live in the lehigh valley, so its so neat!]

what a great find! I adooooore finding fabric, especially when its at a good price!

Skylark Studio said...

hey I want a zippy pouch ... save me one!

maybe you can make those cross stitch coin holders into zipper pulls? x mas ornaments? necklaces? earrings?

ohthecuteness said...

That keychain is too cool, where on earth did she find the coin frame thingy?! My friend jill would die if I made her one of those as a "congrats on getting your license" gift!

Skylark Studio said...

wasssup Chez and ohthecuteness (I just titled my last blog post that, SO weird! and I stole the pic KJ, sorry!)

anyway, the official name for it is a "coin bezel holder" you can find them at various places online. Just a side note, I had to cut a custom sized metal piece for the backing - you have to account for the thickness of material in the bezel, a quarter makes it too tight!
and p.s. don't try cutting a quarter, it's SO HARD.

chezkimberly said...

hey thanks, friends, for all of the great comments! -- i got the zippers, so those zippy pouches will happen soon. i'll post on here when they go into my shops.
k -- thanks so much for the coin frame info!