29 July, 2009

pretty in prints

new sammy wrap prints!
super-helper ellen and i went to the local fabric store earlier this week and picked out a couple of new prints for the sandwich wrappers. i'm gonna be stitching up a bunch and marketing them as a back-to-school necessity in the coming weeks, so i wanted some fresh material to play with.
here's the first:

i'd been eying this material for weeks, but wasn't sure how well it would translate as a sammy wrap. i don't know why i was so wary of the fact that it's transparent -- regular baggies are transparent, so why was i thinking that it wouldn't work? ellen really liked this print and i am glad that she convinced me to get it, because the finished product looks awesome. unfortunately, though, it doesn't look so awesome in photos. i had to try a few different settings:

i like how the textured print almost gives it a quilted look.

but i am not completely psyched on the photos -- they're okay, but the real thing is definitely better-looking. i do, however, enjoy the way that my afternoon dc and the strawberries worked as props.
and then here's the other new print:

i'm calling this one "the modernist picnic." i don't have a good name for the other one -- any suggestions?

i've listed the transparent geometric overlapping circles print wrappers (see!? i need a new name for it!) here and the modernist picnic print wrappers are here.

*rather an aside, but in reference to my post title; i recently came to the realization that i think "pretty in pink" by the psychedelic furs just may be one of my all-time-favourite songs. yep. so there you go.


Anonymous said...

In the clear
I'll be seeing through
Clear Skies ahead?

that's all I've got...

ohthecuteness said...

You should totally call it "the classic" because classic baggies are clear, lol. P.S. Is it wrong that I am secretly hoping for a bike accident so I can loose a tooth and justify getting a tooth man?

chez-sucre-chez said...

chase! no bicycle accidents for you!! haha. that's cute, though... thanks for the name suggestion! i like it! i think i can work with that! xo-kj