31 July, 2009

but when you're tied... or: aprons, the soft launch

(of course it doesn't really make sense -- but sometimes i just can't get over and past a smiths reference - even if it doesnt really work, it just gets stuck in my head and i need to use it. sorry.)

remember months ago when i started making the kids' aprons? (you can read here, if you want to get caught up on the full story.) i made them as a commission for my friend cori's wedding. i made 32 of them for the 32 children who were in the wedding. before we move on to the aprons, let me just say that the photos i have seen of that wedding are AMAZING. amazing. i sometimes just go back to look at them at random times because they are just that good. you should see for yourself. oh my goodness. amazing. click here. and here.

so -- as i was making the aprons for that project, i developed a pattern and a method that i really like and that makes it easy and fun to make more of these aprons. for cori's project i made a whole bunch of extra aprons in all different patterns, colors and prints so that i could pick and choose which ones i liked best as a collection for her order. some of the girls' aprons tagged and ready to go:

and this was the scene inside my studio during that time:

i'm telling you, i made A LOT of aprons! the extras i took with me to my summer craft fairs and i still have some left over -- i just listed them in my shop, though -- on sale -- check 'em out: here.
the challenge in listing these things is having access to kids to model the aprons. i attempted a photoshoot with my niece and nephew a few weeks ago but as luck would have it, the only time i had them in a good mood and ready and willing to pose for me was when they had just gotten back from a day at the beach. so they were all grubby and wearing beach clothes. oh well.

and then they started making grass beards and i knew the photoshoot opportunity was over...

whereas the first round of aprons were made in all different colors and patterns in only one or two sizes, i've now reworked my size charts and patterns to be able to offer them in sizes 2T, 3-4 years, 5 -7 , 8-10 and 12 - 14. i'm gonna be listing the aprons as a set color/print but with the ability for one to order it in any of those sizes. the first of these is up:

these are mega difficult to photograph without a wee model!

i love love love love this print. i fell in love with the fabric a few weeks ago when i first saw it and then when i went to get it and to pick out a coordinating fabric for the other side, i was super pleased to see that it matches perfectly with my favourite-color-of-the-moment. and look at how that pink rickrack goes with it!

i put it on my dressform to be able to show the shape better. i know i'm tiny, but this is a size 3 -4 year old apron -- it's gonna look a lot different/better on an actual 3 -4 year old than it does on my shape.

so -- now that i've got the patterns developed and set i'll be doing more of these -- offering more prints/styles.
here is the listing for the first official style, available in my bigcartel shop.

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