25 July, 2009

lineup; of teethmen

sba (my nephew) lost his fourth tooth, which means that i need to send him another toothman. he gets one for each of his four front teeth, so this is gonna be the last toothman for a while; until bb (my neice) starts loosing hers.

although i only needed to make the one, i couldn't help it, i couldn't stop -- i made four. i love making these little guys! check out this crew:

haha! i love how they all turn out so differently and with so much personality. i draw each one freehand on the fabric, and then when i sew, i never follow the lines exacly, so i never know what they're gonna look like until they're turned out and stuffed and stitched up. sometimes i finish one and i go, "oh..." as in, "bummer." but usually i look at them and kinda fall in love each time. i like how the green-eyed one in this bunch has kinda dumpy hips and a really spacey look on his face. and how the brown-eyed one crosses his legs. (that happens sometimes, i'm not quite sure why! it's serendipitously unintentional.) i think i like the one on the left the best, but i've been known to be a sucker for the tall and skinny-legged ones.

and then look -- turn them around to see that they have butts! hAHA!

another unintentional feature that i love.
oh toothmen...
so -- one goes to sba and then the other three.... mmm. don't know.. i kinda think i'm gonna keep them around the studio to keep me company for a little while. we'll see.


Rachel said...

hehehehe, the teethmen:) they have personalities!

ohthecuteness said...

Awww! I remember this was the first thing I ever saw of your creative awesomeness! They are so super cute, as always!

Liz! said...

These are awesome!