20 July, 2009

so berry sweet

after receiving so many nice comments and compliments on the strawberries that i took with me to the recent craft fairs, i decided to make some more. this time, however, i filled them with dried lavender instead of just with scraps.
so now they not only look cute, they also smell pretty, too.

they can still be used as pin-keeps. (though i know, the traditional ones are filled with emery sand -- these, obviously, arent, but they'll still hold a pin!)

or they can be thrown in a drawer to make your clothes smell pretty and to help keep them free of moth holes. (lavender is a natural moth repellent.)
or they can be used as play food for little kids who are old enough to know not to actually try to eat these berries. or you can just put them on a pretty little dish or anywhere else and leave 'em out as decoration.

so there you have it. i listed them in sets of four (here) and six (here). if you'd like more or less, be in touch; we'll work something out.


Brook said...

so cute! I love making these! they make great gifts!

Rachel said...

i love this bunch,so pretty:)

Clothesline said...

so cute - and stinky now too? brilliant.