02 July, 2009

dope sandwiches

it's looking like a sammy-wrap factory here in my studio! there is oilcloth and buttons and hooks and eyes and elastics and little scalloped-edged scraps all over the place! eeks!
i just did a listing in my etsy shop for the newest pattern:

blue lace print. pretty, right?

and i really like the way that the new prints look in a stack with the other ones:

keeping busy!!!


ohthecuteness said...

Cute! I still love all the oil cloth you find! My boyfriend and I managed to find some of the woodgrain one and he is going to sew himself a sammy wrap. Thanks again for that pattern!

She Can't Decide said...

siiiiigh. I just love these!

If I was still eating meat sandwiches I would have bought one of these months ago! Creative.


Rachel said...

these are so pretty:)
i was so sure that i was following your blog and then i realized that i had your link on my blog but not on the Google Follow Widget thing and that's what Ive been using all along...which explains why i missed a lot of your posts, hehehe
ok, im adding you to the widget thingie=)