30 July, 2009

the new fellas (and lassies)

due to the sensational success on sending two toothmen into the world in as many days, i've whipped up a new crew. here they are:

haha. (sorry -- i can't help but laugh when i look at these guys -- especially when they're all lined up like a little gang. hilarious.)

i've created listings for some of them so far, but the rest will have to wait until tomorrow.
for now, meet:
la gamine:

check out those legs! woot-woo! (that's supposed to be a whistle sound.)

she's available here.

and then there's old blue eyes:

i love the way this pair of vintage buttons works here to give him a big sparkly-eyed face.

he's listed here.

next, may i present, violetta:

she's the skinniest of the bunch and she looks to be a little shy, but i assure you, she's quite sweet.

you can find her here.

and lastly (for the time being), here is mister brown eyes:

what physique! i think he's almost my idea of a perfect tooth shape.

his listing is here, on etsy.

1 comment:

Nicole said...

I love these so much! They make me giggle, and it's so fitting that you jokingly described them as a little gang.

Thanks for such a cute bright spot!