02 July, 2009

rockin' the lobsters

holy crustacean!
my lobster tea towels have been getting lots of great little press mentions this past week! thanks bradford for the post on the bedlam of beefy: (here)

(fantastic blog -- if you dont know it, you should check it out.)
thank you, earl, for the post on poppytalk: (here)

(also mentioned were my anchor tea towels, as you can see from the photo.)

AND THEN, pals sara and karen both tipped me off yesterday to the fact that the lobsters had been included in the latest issue/article of etsy finds, which i think is kind of a big deal! (see it here.)

i was also psyched to see craft-fair pals giant dwarf and heatherjeany included in that round-up.
and hey -- this is cool, too: yesterday my etsy shop recieved its 2000th heart! sweet, right?! wow! thanks so much everyone for all of that love and support!!
all right -- i gotta go get to stitching some more lobsters!

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