16 July, 2009

l is lovely in lilac

i received an order the other day from one of my favourite customers (yes, okay, i have favourites...) for an L cross-stitched in my bella font. she requested the color lilac on white or grey. well, i didn't have grey (but i have to get it, today, for an order that just came in from paxton's gate!) but i did have a tiny piece of a very pretty lilac colored aida cloth. so i sent over some options:

she left it up to me and i couldnt decide, so i stitched up one of each:

the lilac fabric was a bit of a smaller grid-size, which would have made an L in the bella font rather small -- so i opted to do it in the laura font because it is a bigger pattern and i knew it would fit the space more nicely. so the options were laura font on lilac or bella font on white - in a plain wood hoop or a black hoop.

denise opted to go with the bella font L done with the darker lilac stitching on white with the black hoop frame.
i do like the way it turned out:

so now i've got this other pretty L all ready to go as well -- so, i'm listing it in the etsy shop . click here if you'd like to see the details.

oh, and you know what else you should click to? this blog -- denise does BEAUTIFUL flower arrangements and here is where she posts photos of some of her work.

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Rachel said...

the lilac looks lovely but you know what so does the blue one:)