15 July, 2009

more love

thanks a bunch to jennifer, who posted again about chez-sucre-chez on her blog, made by girl. yippeee!

see jen's blog here, and the chez-sucre-chez post here. while you are at it, you should check out her etsy shop, too -- jen's prints have been all over the design blogs lately!


Rachel said...

did u know that i first saw your shop when Jen posted the pouch you sent her? :) I love her prints too.

i hope it's not too late but i really hope u can consider my blog along with these lovely blogs in your bloglist! thank you:)

Sara Smedley said...

whoa! That is one awesome post for one awesome artist! Congrats!!

She Can't Decide said...

I just saw this post over on her blog! Lovely!

Congrats to you my dear!