03 November, 2009


so, i started working on my little holiday line a few weeks ago and i was thinking, "christmas is still awfully far away... i should maybe wait on this stuff a while." and now i feel like it is practically here and i should have had this stuff done before now.
there's lots more in the works, but here's the first round - tree ornaments:
this is kind of a weird photo of them -- i gotta take some better ones some day soon. let's just think of this as a sneaky peaky, since they arent going in to my shop or anywhere else for at least another week or two. this way, though, you at least know that i'm working on it and that there's more to come...

(i'm HATING these photos! they look gross and bloody! -- maybe i still have halloween on my mind. well, trust me, they'll look way better with the red contrasting against an evergreen tree.)

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