24 June, 2009

ww dot ...

task of the morning was to stitch up a pair of special order monogrammed towels, and i'm pleased with the way they came out!

the trickiest part about this job was that i didnt have a W in my letter set for this font, so i had to make one. at first i was thinking that i was going to have to do a lot of cussing and swearing as i sweated through cuts and pastes in illustrator to make the letter. i am terrible at those computer programs and i have no patience for them at all, so i was not looking forward to this part of the task. but then it hit me that, duh, i could just print out an M and a V and do some old fashioned cutting and pasting to make my W. so i did, and i'm sure it was way less painful than going about with the computer.

(i love these polka-dotted towels!)

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Kendall Micayla said...

oh i love it!! the poka dots are so cute and the "w" is really pretty