23 June, 2009

front page news

just got an email from my friend melanie (and a facebook note from my friend jen j) that my little f made the front page of etsy this morning. thanks for the heads up, ladies!

and, speaking of melanie linder, look at how sweet her prints look on my little fabric-covered embroidery hoop bulletin boards (which, if i am not mistaken, was an idea that several of us z-town girls adopted via mel's inspiration):

i scored the pink hot air balloon and the PA barn cards/prints through a trade that we did while sharing tent space at the recent rainy emmaus craft fair. they're great, aren't they? i'd been oogling them since artstar. (want your own? get them here.)

1 comment:

melanie said...

thanks, kimberly! xoxoxoxox (ps- i super love your papa hankie!!!)