16 June, 2009

new old letters

encouraged and inspired by the amazingly awesome response and feedback i got about my cross-stitched pieces at the recent craft-fairs, i've picked up needle and thread and gone on with a new little collection as i've been wanting to do for a couple of weeks. tipped off by one of my blog readers via a comment left on one of my posts, i discovered the antique pattern library. holy shazaaam - what a resource! (i send a million thank yous to emily for this info!) well, scrolling through all of the pages and links, i found these patterns and kinda fell in love. i really adore the old fashioned roses and the subtle flourishes on the letters. i thought that if they were done in that colour palette that i love so much, pink and green and black and white, that they'd look pretty spectacular. and i think they do.

the other thing i like about this is that they're so large! there are two size options, each only slightly different, and they're both charted to be a bigger scale than a lot of the other cross-stitch letter patterns that i have. they aren't so difficult, either, but they do take a considerable amount of time due to the scale of each piece and thickness of the letters.

to start, i just did this little selection of letters. i put them all up for sale in the shop, but i dont intend on doing custom orders for these ones at the moment. love 'em? buy them here or get the pattern here to try on your own. and if you really really really love them and would like me to make a specific letter for you, send me a note and i'll let you know if i can work it out.

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Skylark Studio said...

holy f'n shazam those are nice!