20 June, 2009

for papa bear

father's day is on sunday. it's one of those holidays that stresses me out because i never know what to give to my dad. golf gifts and neckties definitely do not work for my papa. he's got every tool and every bar and grill accessory, and i can't afford to get him a new sports car, so i never know what to do.
here's this year's gift:

ugh. it's small and kinda pathetic, but i kinda love it anyway, and i actually think that he might like it, too. papa bear knows that i'm going through my starving artist thing and that i've got no money, so i know he's not expecting that sports car this year.
my dad is not a fancy guy and he doesnt use hankies all the time. when he does, they are the simple cotton kind, like what i remember his father having in his back pocket all the time. i have poignant memories of all the times that i've been standing next to my father with my eyes spilling over with tears, at weddings or funerals, and he notices me wiping my face with my hands and quietly hands me his simple cotton hankie. so i stitched this up thinking that he won't use it too much, but when he does, he'll be carrying a little bit more love in his pocket.


sk said...

how sweet! I think it's wonderful. Papas mostly don't want expensive gifts anyways...I know mine would rather have something handmade. He's a lucky dad!

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

What a thoughtful gift! I bet he will love it. My dad id a handkerchief man too :).

ohthecuteness said...

Aww that is so cute, I got a little choked up! Dads really are the hardest people to buy for!
By the way I am in love with the polka-dot C towel, it`s my initial on my favorite motif!

Leila said...

That IS great! I'm sure he loved it.

chez-sucre-chez said...

aw, thanks for all the nice comments about the hankie, friends! he did like it!