16 June, 2009

greg, don't look!

inspired by my good friends greg and alec, i've got a new tea towel design.

greg and alec just moved into a new place and i wanted to stitch them up something for a housewarming gift. as i was just there helping them paint a few weeks ago, i kinda knew their color scheme and was trying to come up with something that would work in either the kitchen or the bathroom. i didnt want to do monograms -- i wanted to do something new. and this is what i came up with -- the anchors:

and then once i did it, i realized that i kinda love it. i love it for the simplicity -- the clean dotted line and crisp colors.
and i do love that the design and the towels work for the kitchen:

and they work for the bathroom:

so i put the original set in the mail (you'll get it in a few days greg -- i know you didn't heed my post title) and put listings for the towels in my shops. you can get the blue towel, or the white towel, or a set of two (you choose the colors).

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