15 June, 2009

kid stays in the picture

the other week i worked with my friend paul to make a commercial for his website, dineindie.com. ever since we shot it, i've been meaning to post these stills and do a little commercial for the commercial, but i've been so darned busy with the craft-fair madness that i've not had a chance until now.
these are totally just teasers. they don't really give any idea of what the commercial is all about -- and that's the point. he only sent me these two stills so that i didn't give away any secrets or let you see or know too much.

(i'm kinda giving the camera the old crazy-eye in this one... eeks.)

wanna see the commercial? well you're gonna have to come out to the virginville film festival this saturday night! woo-hoo! this is like, the biggest event of the year around here. it's like the prom -- everyone does it. (wait! that came out wrong! i meant that everyone comes out to the event! that was what i meant! honestly!)
a little more about the virginville film festival: people like you and me (and some a bit more skilled with the camera and editing and storytelling and all of that) make movies and then they get shown on the big screen which is set up on a hill out in the middle of beautiful farmland. it's a really great event that's been happening for a few years now. last year was my first and let me tell you -- it was quite magical. people bring blankets and chairs and snacks and drinks and the movies start around dusk and then go for a few hours. that night last year i saw more fireflies than i have ever seen in my entire life. it's way amazing.
and now a little more about dine indie: it's a website that gives info on local independent eateries -- restaurants and grocery shops and farmstands and wineries and bed and breakfasts and cafes and bars and stuff. it focuses on pointing people to the good independently owned stuff rather than the icky chain places. it's definitely a great resource and they keep on expanding the areas served by it.. check it out! (here)
ah -- yes, so now craft-fair madness is over and i am very much looking forward to getting back to life as a little more normal. i've got lots in the works --- stay tuned.

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Skylark Studio said...

here's the creepy promo:


why does everything always have to be creepy? Paul's red walls and your creepy eyebrow are creeping me out.