17 June, 2009

letter(s) go

also now in the shop:
the monogrammed towels that i had stitched up as display samples for the recent craft fairs. i usually do these as custom orders, but these babies are in the shop at 15 bucks each and they're pressed and folded and ready to go to you.

you can get this stripe-y letter A monogram: (here)

how about this fancy red stitched H? (here)

this F can be yours if you act now: (here)

i only did a few of these dotty monograms, if you're a C, you're in luck; here it is:

love this L on the navy blue towel? get it. (here)

i've already got a couple of K's for myself. you can have this one if you want it: (here)

one more H, this one crisp black on white: (here)

i'll be doing more listings soon, but this is it for the ready-to-go monogram towels!

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