08 June, 2009

recap of renegade

it's monday afternoon and i'm back home from the weekend and i gotta say, i'm totally exhausted! renegade was a hoot!

this was my first time doing one of these bigger fairs all on my own; i kinda loved the ability to set up the whole tent and bring everything out and set it all up like it was the chez-sucre-chez shop! i think i really lucked out with my booth location - under a couple of trees right by the park entrance at bedford and north 12th, so it was cool and shady and had a constant stream of people walking by. plus, i was right across from the renegade info tent, so i got to meet and talk to danny and tara from the renegade team in chicago. they're totally great and i'm thinking maybe i'll see them in chicago?

i started to take some little detail shots of my booth set-up, but i didnt get too many before getting distracted. these past two weekends have taught me that i am terrible at craft-fair-booth documentation. (here are a couple more detail photos that anna from sub-studio took and also posted here on poppytalk.)

(i think my chez-sucre-chez sign could be a little bigger, no?)

(check out the hilarious fake sandwich i made to demo my sammy wraps -- haha!)

i didnt get to walk around too much (i think i've also realized over these past two weeks of fairs that i've got a bit of a paranoia about being away from the booth for too long) but i was really happy to have been able to see so many friends and to meet some great new people, (like elise of argyle whale!)
i was also really happy that on sunday morning we picked up not just six, but a dozen donuts from greenpoint's peter pan bakery. oh peter pan donuts, i love you.

thank you to everyone who stopped by and big hellos to all of you new people i got to meet and talk to. it really was a great weekend.
kim and dana and b -- thank you SO much for your help with set up and break-down. i was happy to have you there with me!

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megan said...

Please, please, PLEASE come to Renegade Chicago! :)