18 June, 2009

what the f?

i also just listed this little guy:

it is tiny, but i think that this piece just has so much personality and punch. i gotta say, it is one of my favourite pieces i have ever made, but i just have no reason to hold on to it. i want to see it go to a good home.

this was one of the pieces that i stitched up for readymade magazine for the chez-sucre-chez how-to feature in the december 2008 issue. (see the details here.)

i used a satin stitch on a background fabric which comes from a piece i inherited from my late great aunt mary's fabric stash. i love this fabric so much that i only use little cuts of it from time to time, and only for very special little projects. see, this really is a very special little piece! the etsy listing is here.


Anonymous said...

i think you are Simply Super, Scola!
xo, hezza

Seana said...

BEAUTIFUL! Would you ever consider doing a special order with a/this vintage fabric?