24 April, 2009

why didnt i think of this months ago?


it's a bit way too ubiquitous now, but man, people were going apeshit for these posters last year.
i was driving the other day, listening to my ipod on the shuffle, and that jarvis cocker song came on where he sings, "my eyes could see the glory..." and i was thinking how that was a reference to some hymn or something and then i was thinking of song lyrics that would be cool to cross-stitch in a sampler style kind of piece. i did that smiths one before, but i was thinking of making more of a really traditional sampler looking piece but with some great quote/lyric that i love. well this train of thought led me to the idea of x-stitching this "keep calm and carry on" quote. so i did. and now i'm through with it. (though i do wish i had done a better crown... oh well.) i still haven't thought of what quote i want to use for that other idea... someday.


Elise of Argyle Whale said...

I really enjoy your take on those ubiquitous posters. I think the crown looks plenty nice too.

chez-sucre-chez said...

aw, thanks, elise! (ps -- i was just telling some friends, this very evening, about your "i eat danger for breakfast" print. genius.

Skylark Studio said...

SWEET! gorgeous!

this is one of my fav sites:


ya know, for finding band names. but I could see some of these cheeky phrases in your hoops!

Emily G said...

Hey, cross stitch appreciators have to stick together, I guess... so if you're looking for a better crown, you should look at the antique pattern library, they have a ton of old scanned charts (although it is an utter pain to browse). I definitely remember finding a chart there with like 10 different crowns.

chez-sucre-chez said...

karen and emily -- these are FANTASTIC resources! thank you both so much for sharing. xo-kj