13 April, 2009

letter love

i received a note from jen jafarzadeh l'italien this morning letting me know that she had written about my wares on her blog, the haystack needle. (check it out -- it's a good one!)

when i clicked on over to the link she sent, i was psyched. it's a lovely little round-up of letter/initial themed products, and mine sit with some pretty impressive company.
i love when people write to let me know that they've featured chez-sucre-chez on their blog or etsy treasury. of course it's flattering, but it's also really cool to "meet" these people; to discover new blogs and etsy shops and fellow artists and writers. it's nice when i accidentally stumble upon a chez-sucre-chez mention without notice, of course, but seriously -- i really do think it's great when people reach out with the "i just wanted to let you know that i featured..." email. i guess it's a strange internet/blogging phenomenon that i really like -- i totally treasure those email exchanges that i've had with individuals whom i've come in contact with through my etsy shop and blog. (nina, jessica, brooke, leila -- i've got at least ten more of you in mind but i'm not gonna list because i dont want to leave anyone out!!!) sheesh, you guys are great...
thanks, jen!


jen said...

Kimberly, you're so sweet! And I loved what you said about the email exchanges — I'm new to blogging and am so enjoying the random connections I'm making with incredibly creative people, like yourself, that wow me daily.

Rachel said...

hi kim... I saw your Love Letters from Made By Girl's blog (if i remember right). Yesterday, i posted on 10 ways to say LOVE and found your creation to be perfect for the theme! took me awhile to get here... too many things come up =) but here it is: http://theshopbug.blogspot.com/2009/04/10-ways-to-say-l-o-v-e.html
thanks for the lovely work!