01 April, 2009

digging the dirt

great guy friend greg and i spontaneously made some terrariums the other day.

it wasnt anything we were planning (hence, "spontaneously") -- we were sitting outside in the sunshine and greg just got the notion and we made it happen with moss and rocks and weeds that we found in the backyard.

this was the first, which we made together:

then this was greg's:

(i love the little pile of sticks and the hill of moss with the tall moss things growing out of it.)
and the tall one was the one i made:

that little tuft of green is growing like a --- weed. i swear it grew like an entire inch - or two - overnight. does that mean it's happy in its new home?

i'm leaving them in new york with greg and heading back home to the country to see how my house plants are holding up. i havent been so good with the living things lately...

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