29 April, 2009

when life gives you scraps...

...use 'em to make something pretty.

hey look, strawberry season's come early!
yesetrday, i took a little break from apron-making and my craft-fair production schedule to make something just for the fun of it. i've been wanting to make a little pint box of these strawberries for a while, and now i have. (and now i just gotta pick up a pint box to put them in.)
with all of the sewing i've been doing this month, my scrap basket is almost over-flowing. see:

i kinda hate any kind of waste, so i put the scraps to use and made these little pincushions. i bought little 1/4 yard pieces of the two solid red fabrics, and of the wool felt for the leafy tops, but everything else came from the scrap pile. they're stuffed with scraps, too.

i got the basic how-to and the pattern template from martha's site. (find it here.) i copied the template at a few different sizes and played around with the shapes a little to get some variety, but other than that, i pretty much stuck to the pattern. it's rather basic, simple, and quite perfect as is.

(above: photo credit: friend dave. thanks, dave! also, in the shot you can see where the sewing machine needle bit my finger. it ain't so bad!)


_nina_malvada_ said...

cool..nice idea..

Liz! said...

These are the cutest things.