10 April, 2009

cake shop

i had the chance opportunity the other day to meet jodi, of short street cakes.

jodi is running my dream business --- a bakery with a little shop section of hand-crafted gifts, which jody calls the "birthday boutique." the idea is, you go in for the cake and you can get the gifts and the cards and the flowers there, too! months ago, my friend jen told me and the other z-towners about jodi and her new venture and we put together a package of our wares and sent it on down to her shop. and then the other day, as i was sitting in my friend leah's living room, testing out my sandwich wrapper pattern, in walked jodi, suitcase in hand, just arrived from asheville for a two-day visit. it took me a few minutes before putting it together, but then i figured out this this was JOdi -- of short street cakes! she's totally cool! and she loves my sandwich wrappers, so i'm sending some down there for the shop. yay!
if you happen to be around asheville, north carolina, be sure to seek out and visit short street cake shop to satisfy your sweet tooth and your indie-shopping needs.


Short Street Cakes said...

It was so awesome to meet you too! Why don't you get a van and bring all my beloved k-towners down here for Howard Street Handmade this weekend? Owen's like, what, 3 weeks old now? He can make the trip. OK, great, its a plan.

Denise Fasanello said...

I want to do this too! So great