07 April, 2009

shop talk

i kicked off a little sale today over at my bigcartel shop.
all of my hand-embroidered tea-towels are now (for the next two weeks) two (any two) for $30.

monogram towels, heart-in-crown towels, hand-towels and the new rose towels... all on sale.
click on over here to check it out.

also -- i put some of the sandwich wraps into the shops. it's kinda a pain in da butt, because i use different buttons for each of them (it's more fun that way! i get to use these pretty vintage buttons that i've been hoarding!) so no two are alike, and i figure that people want to get the one they see in the photo. so i'm listing them separately. i put one of each kind in each of the shops.

these two are on etsy:

and these two are on bigcartel:

go get 'em!

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_nina_malvada_ said...

this is sooo...cute...