06 April, 2009

look mikey, SANDWICHES!

well, no, really it's just bread (because i didnt have any sandwich fixin's on hand for the test -- just the bread)--- and really, the bread, the sandwich, isn't the true focus of this post --- (but i couldn't resist using one of my favourite lines from one of my favourite movies; "my own private idaho") -- no, this post is really about sandwich WRAPPER!
check. it. out:

how hot-stuff is that?!?! seriously -- is this not the best looking, sexiest, sweetest, most pretty sandwich wrapper you've ever seen? well if it isn't i wanna see the competition.
i cannot take credit for the pattern. oh, how i wish i could -- but nope -- i gotta give credit where credit is due: i saw the how-to for these reusable oilcloth sandwich wraps in this month's kiwi magazine. kiwi is a magazine for environmentally-conscious families like my friends the macdonalds, in whose home i saw the magazine. the design and pattern are by vickie howell -- who i didn't know about before, but i now see that she is a knitting and crafting superstar. you should seriously check out her sites -- she does some GREAT stuff! so yes, i saw the feature in the kiwi magazine and thought -- oh my goodness i need to try that - those are AWESOME. so i ran on over to my little mennonite fabric store and as soon as i set my eyes on the lace-print oilcloth-like material, i had the vision of how i would use vickie's pattern and rock it my own way. lace-print? seriously? YES, PLEASE. i knew i had to use that and to get a fancy scallop edge-cutter to make the most pretty and girlie sandwich bags i ever did see. i think i've succeeded.

i played around with the pattern, seeing if there was anything i should do differently because honestly, i think i just have some thing about using someone else's pattern; like i feel guilty or cheap for not having thought of it myself. so i wanted to come up with something better, but after playing around with it, i decided that the original pattern is absolutely perfect -- flawless. impressive. (i just tried the link so that i could share it with y'all, but it's not there anymore!!! hmmm. maybe i can find it someplace else...) so all i needed to do was give it my own aesthetic touches.
such a brilliant idea --- eliminate the waste of using disposable plastic sandwich bags by using this re-usable one. wrap up your sandwich like it's in a little envelope, use the wrapper as a placemat while you're eating, then wipe it off and it's ready to use again the next day. so. cool.
i did ones in a more traditional oilcloth print, too:

i even tested them with different bread sizes and they totally work. big sandwiches fit, no problem, and little sandwiches fit all snug and happy, too. they're adjustable. freaking brilliant.
i've got one more style up my sleeve though -- the next one's for you, boys.

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