04 April, 2009

trying to catch the wind

it sure is blustery out there today.
working on lots of pretty things today -- projects in the works, lots of projects in the works. i always have projects in the works.
these are what i sewed up yesterday:

now they just need the finishing touches. you'll see them in a few days.

i sorted through my button collection and chose a few good ones to clean up and use:

and, a different project (in the works)-- i'm halfway through painting the studio:

i was over the pink and wanted something new. it sure is different. i think i love it. but sometimes i think it looks a little like a swimming pool. it sure is blue. but very cool and refreshing.
i only did half of the room, now i have to do the other half... ugh. (and the little bit in the photo is the only part, the only view, that is not entirely a chaotic mess!)

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Brook said...

mmm I love those buttons!