22 April, 2009

home again home again jiggity jig.

i've returned home to the studio after more than a week away. i'm pleased to see that only two of my plants died. (i thought more of them would have perished.)
before i left, i started repainting and reorganizing the studio. it feels like it's been a work long in progress and there is still a lot more to do.
here are a couple of shots as it stands now: (actually, they were taken before i left.)

lookin' good, eh? it's only one corner, but i am happy with the way things are coming along. the first shot is of my little plant window (the view outside the window isnt so picturesque, unfortunately -- it looks out on the roof of the building next door) and the second is looking back into the bathroom, which i've spruced up a bit, too, lately.
obviously, though, these angles aren't showing any real work space. that space is still in development, but here's what it looks like at the moment:

the sewing machine's gotta get moved to its own table and i need to hang some stuff on those bare walls! i'm sure the surface of the counter will not remain so uncluttered for long.
and now -- ugh. the other half:

haha... yup.... so half-assed. i think i am the only person i know who would paint halfway and then get tired of that job and start setting up the portion of the room that was done with the plan to go back and do the rest later. hey mans, i've been busy! i have a lot coming up and i need a working work space! i'll get to finishing that paint job in the next week or two....
with the way things are going, though, i am going to be spending a lot of long hours and days in the studio.
here's what's up the pike:
sunday may 3rd:

i'll see you in brooklyn at greenpoint's cafe grumpy for the hearts and crafts affair event.
then on may 30th - 31st:

melanie of spread the love and i are going to be sharing a booth at the art star craft bazaar at penns landing in philly.
the week after that, june 6th - 7th:

i'll be back in brooklyn for renegade. it's being held in the park part of mccarren park this year -- not the pool. hopefully the weather will be better this time!
yeah... so with these shows and a bunch of other little jobs and projects, i'll be crafting away in the studio for the next month and a half. i will get to finishing the paint job somewhere in between though, i will...

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