20 April, 2009

another instance of internet awesomeness

last week i posted about how much i have enjoyed the little connections and interactions i've been afforded through this blog and otherwise through chez-sucre-chez. well it's happened again.
this afternoon, i received an email from artist rae dunn. i first "met" rae after she placed an order from my etsy shop. through her etsy profile, i noticed that rae had a shop, too, so i clicked on over to see what her work was all about. it was then that i realized that this was an artist whose work i had been noticing on blogs and such for several months. so i was pleased to have received an order (and then a second order!) from her. (also maybe worth mentioning in this story about fortuitous exchanges is that i was so impressed with rae's work that i included it in my "10 things" wishlist for my little feature in readymade magazine!)
today rae told me that one the items she bought from me was included in a photograph that was taken in her kitchen and then the photo made it into a book that was published in japan!
look at my little piggy goes to market bag in action:

hooray! (and hot damn, that's a way better product shot than the ones i did for my shops!)
i took the photo from rae's blog -- i assume that it is a picture of a spread in the book that she took herself.
the book is called san francisco kitchens -- a look into the homes/kitchens of artsy creative types who life in sf. take a look at rae's blog (here) -- she give a little more info.
totally cool. thanks for the heads up, rae, and congrats on your inclusion in the book!

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rae dunn. said...

the photos were actually taken by a professional photographer sent over by the book publisher. it is a great new book called san francisco kitchens. the this little piggy goes to market bag is so photogenic !!