12 April, 2009

to market to market

hey friends, check this out:

poppytalk handmade is an online craft fair run by the wonderful jan and earl over at poppytalk. each month, there's a different theme and a new crop of artists who are invited to participate and set up virtual tables, or shops. i've seen the offerings of past markets and i'm always impressed by the work that is featured.
well, i'm thrilled to announce that i am taking part in this month's market, which kicks off tomorrow.
april 13th - may 8th is the "mother's day and kids market." i've got my shop all set up and now i'm anxiously awaiting the opening of the market so i can see how it all looks together and who the other artists are! i gotta admit though, i'm a little nervous because i don't feel that my product shots are totally up to snuff... but other than that, i'm excited.
if you get a chance, click on over and PLEASE, send me feedback on anything i may be able to do to make my little shop look more attractive and enticing to potential buyers! click here to get there.

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