28 April, 2009

country respite

i just caught my finger under the needle of my sewing machine -- totally gross and scary and painful (but maybe not as bad as it sounds), so i'm taking a break until i stop shaking and finger stops bleeding (though it's tough to type without it!)
while breaking --

have any of you looked through country living magazine lately? really! last week i picked up the latest issue and i gotta say, i am impressed. (and i am not just saying this because they've been nice to me...) i think they had a bit of a switch-up with the staff and the editors and they're doing a bit of a rework. (there is definitely a hole to fill with domino being gone....) i was talking to some friends about it and was saying that maybe it's appealing to me more now because i'm more country living these days, or maybe because i'm growing into an old cat-lady spinster, or maybe it really is getting more hip! i like to think that it's the latter of those three possibilities. i think it is! you should check it out. there are some really nice spreads and features in there... i think i'm gonna get a subscription! okay. back to sewing.

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Blueberry Park said...

I'm so going to get a copy of that. (Love the look of your apron strings too - can't wait to see the finished articles)