08 April, 2009

this one's for you, boys

(and faux-bois loving girls)

hahaha! wood-grain print sandwich wraps. i didn't want the boys to feel left out -- didn't want any of my eco-conscious guy friends feel like they had to take their sandwiches to lunch wrapped up in lace or pink flowers.
these are funny, right? i made them with the boys in mind, for sure. they're slightly bigger than the other ones i made. for my test, i used three slices of bread instead of two. also, i used bigger hooks and eyes on these ones than i did for the girlie ones. (thinking of my father's hands and how he'd be hating the tinier hooks and eyes.) and i didn't give these ones any fancy scalloped or otherwise decorative edges -- just plain, no frills. i just gotta go out and get the right kind of elastics to use as fasteners and then they're done.
guy friend, you'll be getting yours in the mail in a few days!
update: i've got the elastics -- these babies are now available in the chez-sucre-chez shops. here and here

1 comment:

Liz! said...

These make me really want to start packing sandwiches in my lunch!