19 April, 2009

mama and the apron strings

i had to make A LOT of apron ties this past week (4 per apron, 24 aprons and counting...) and i think if it weren't for this

fantastic little gadget, i would have gone bonkers.
the turn it all bow whip. holy crap, this thing saved me hours turning the little tubes right-side out after sewing them. i found it in mama's sewing room. i didn't even know such a thing existed.

ho-ly crap. really. much better than the old safty pin tied to a piece of string method.
more about the apron project soon -- i'm returning home to the country tomorrow and hoping for a nice sunny day and a clothesline somewhere where i can get a good shot of the ones i've made so far!

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cori said...

the fabrics look so cute!!