29 September, 2008

"i might walk home alone, but...

yeah, a little something different.
this is, hands down, my favourite smiths line, and i had been wanting to spell it out with my cross-stitched letters for quite some time. i needed to make more letters, though, and i just knew that i wasnt going to get to it any time too soon.
so i tried it this way.
i've not been so interested in doing cross-stitched sayings or whatever; samplers, yes, but little wall-hangings with mottos or sayings or quotes hasnt interested me so much. it's been done, and it just doesn't excite me, but i had to give it a whirl just to be sure.

the letters look pretty, but i don't think this is something that i will be doing a lot of...
maybe i will whip up a few for some of the up-coming craft fairs... maybe.

giving credit where credit is due, my desire to actually make this project happen was re-awakened by tiffany, who wrote to me and asked if i had done the wall-hanging in emily-black-apple's house. that smiths quote wasn't stitched up by me -- i am pretty sure that is emily's handiwork -- and so i was inspired and emboldened to stitch up my own smiths love by these two lovely ladies.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! What a great piece. I am quite sure that our dear Morrissey would be quite proud indeed. And thank you kindly for being inspired to make something so beautiful. I really love it, and have got to get my little paws on one so if you do make more please let me know.

All the best,


Leila said...

The bright red is great on that dark grey! And I love those metal hoops.