03 September, 2008

hopes that pigs do fly

the new piggy market totes are now in my etsy shop!

(they hold A LOT of groceries!)

i'm still only half-satisfied with the photos i was able to take of these, but i can't hold off any longer. i'm eager to see how they do in the shop.
personally, i am thrilled with the way these came out and the response i have gotten so far has been pretty darn sweet.
click on over and get one of your very own here.

also --
i've got a couple of these in the shop:

heeheehee! i love them.
remember when i made those pig cookies? this was the very same thing -- i did the pigs as they were, and then i just had to take it further. so far, these are seriously limited edition -- i made the first of the batch especially for the certain someone who inspired this whole pig-style tote line, and then i made one for me, and now i only have two of these kinds of totes left. as soon as i can get more of this style tote, i'll make up some more.


Jules Evans said...

They are really lovely, well done!

Anonymous said...

Piggy goes to Paris! I had the most amazing Pastry this morning and thought of you! Having a lot of fun, wish you were here.