10 September, 2008

hand made life

there's a shark in my bath! and, a hand-knit, hand-embroidered washcloth.

i made this many moons ago, but just rediscovered it and decided it was time to put it to use, instead of leaving it stashed away in the Past Projects suitcase.

on my application for the bazaar bizarre craft fair, i was asked to write a bio, in third person. (sheesh, that was nerve-wracking. i feel so pretentious writing about myself in third person!) anyways, in some part of it i wrote about how i often daydream of being a sort-of pioneer girl, making my own clothes and soap and cheese and linens and just about everything else i could need.
and then i looked around me and realized that i at least have a good start on that -- i've got the linens started; you just saw my washcloth, which lives in the bathroom. also in the bathroom is my hand-sewn, hand-embroidered feather hand towel. then, in the kitchen, i have one of my hand-towels and my knit dishcloths. this stuff makes me happy.

(an update on the hand -- it is feeling much better now -- i'm just about back to normal usage. my thumb and the webbing between it and my first finger are completely numb, but the doc says that this is normal and that i'll get feeling back, someday. i'd post a picture, but that would be way too gross. so, i'm back to work now!)

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The Boomerang said...

Love the studio pictures in one of your posts below!
And it's awesome you make so much of your own stuff. My new thing right now is that I would like to make laundry detergent.

Anyway just ran across your blog from poppytalk! Hope your hand heals soon!