22 September, 2008

gathering clouds

i just saw another lovely post done about my work:

knack studios posted about me here.
(thank you, thank you!)

that photo she included in the post was one i took a few months ago. i recently started back on the clouds and have been building building building my collection/inventory of those pieces.

it's getting rather cloudy in my bedroom! i kinda love it...

and here are the blue and the black ones as the collection stands now:

see that one little grey one in the middle? i had done a few in grey before, and they sold right away when i listed them as a grouping on etsy. so i was planning on making more, but not quite yet.
well, i hung up all of the black ones and blue ones that i completed up to this point and then i stepped back and looked at them all together, like this:

and then, my brain did its normal thinking kinda stuff. i looked at the wall and knew right away that i was far far far from finished with these pieces. "dammit," i said out loud, "oh, kj, why do you DO these things to yourself?!!? oh no no no NO NO!" i thought that i was going to be content with building up a collection of black ones and a collection of blue ones. nope. i cant be so easily satisfied with my work. i look at them like this and i think -- oh, no -- i see what i have to do -- now i need a gradation -- at least two other colors between the blue and the black, and i will transition from the one color to the next.. ugh. it'll take me a while to get to that, though, if i ever do. if i do, you'll see what i mean...

(want some of these clouds for your home? send me an email -- or check out my etsy shop. i'm trying to put together some groupings and then i will be listing them.)

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Kristen said...

congrats on the write up! i have always loved those cloud hoops :)