27 September, 2008

a sachet by any other name -- still smells as sweet

a few weeks ago my friend lillian brought to me this:

(it looks so sweetly picture-perfect, as though she had just harvested the lavender from her garden, huh? well, she does happen to have an AMAZING garden but this lavender didnt grow there -- it came from the craft-store... but let's pretend it DID come from her garden... cause that just sounds better.)

well with that lavender, i made these:

and i returned the basket to her looking like this:

they're nowhere near as naughty as my risque-sachets, but hey -- these are for a baby shower - we don't want to get anyone too hot and bothered there.
i was really happy with the color and texture thing going on in these:

emil makes a great photo assistant:


Leila said...

There's my cat's twin again! Lovely sachets.

anna said...

the bird on the sachet looked so familiar, but i couldn't think of where i'd seen it.

then i remembered that i have it tattooed (that doesn't look spelled right) on my arm. whoops.

it's on a part that i can't see very well... but i do feel like a ditz.