07 September, 2008

as fate would have it

with the hand being damaged (i had no idea i was going to be in so much pain, for so long) i can't really do too much crafting, or typing, or many of the other things i like to do.
but i can show off my most recent purchase:

oooh! aren't they special? i had seen these at a local second (third, fourth...) hand book store a couple of weeks ago and definitely wanted them, but was feeling a little too poor to justify the purchase. so i played the little game i have for situations like this, i passed on the purchase the first time around. but then, days (which turned into over a week) later, i found myself still thinking of them. so i went back thinking, "if they are still there, they are mine, if not, it wasnt meant to be."

i'm really glad that they were still there, because i fell rather in love with this here pig:

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